rov inspections

Remote Operated Vehicles or ROVís are, in effect, remote controlled underwater cameras capable of entering spaces previously impossible for a diver.

Pennant Consulting use micro inspection class ROVís that have a frontal section measuring only 300mm square, enabling it to enter pipes, confined spaces and such like.

The ROV can be used as a tool on its own - where the mobilization of a dive team would prove either too costly or dangerous or in tandem with a diver.

Set up, operated and mobilized by a single operator, coming equipped with a colour camera and available with manipulator arm, the Pennant ROV is a versatile tool in the inspection arena.

As in our diving inspections, our reports are compiled to Highways Agency DMRB, Network Rail, Environment Agency or specific Client specifications and are presented in electronic format with CAD drawings where required.† The video footage is also presented with commentary, where required.

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